Quao river lake in Binh Thuan is likened to “miniature Da Lat”,  full of dreams, a small corner of the wild and magnificent Northwest .The romantic, dreamlike and splendid beauty around the lake on autumn days makes hearts of many people vibrate.

Where is Quao river lake?

Quao river lake is located at the coordinates of Ham Tri commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan. This place is about 20km from the center of Phan Thiet city. This is the first irrigation project built in more than 10 years since the 80s in the 20th century. Quao river lake in Binh Thuan is nestled at the foot of Gia Bac pass, like a bridge connecting Lam Dong province and Binh Thuan province.

Not only providing water for people, Quao river lake in Binh Thuan is also one of the ravishing landscapes with immense scenery, outstanding clouds and a cool blue color, the pride of the people of Phan Thiet.

How to get to the lake and river Quao Binh Thuan?

To move to Quao lake and river Binh Thuan, from the center of Phan Thiet city, you go in the direction of National Highway 1 towards Ho Chi Minh City. There, people will see a fork road on the right hand side, pointing in the direction to Di Linh.

Following that junction, visitors will move in the direction of Ma Lam, about 20km away will see a fork right on the left hand side, at the foot of Gia Bac pass. That is the direction to Lam Dong. Next, you need to turn in and go straight for about 1km to see the lake and river Quao Binh Thuan.

Feel the enchanting scenery at Quao river lake

Quao Lake is known as one of the first irrigation works and was built for a long time before coming into operation. This project started construction in September 1987, but it took until early September 1997 to complete and put into operation. People here said that it takes more than 10 years to create this massive irrigation project.

Binh Thuan Quao River Lake is not only a large source of water providing for the daily life of people as well as irrigation activities in the agricultural field of Ham Thuan Bac district, this place is also a tourist destination, an enchanting landscape in the land of Phan Thiet.

Built in the sunny and windy city, for a long time, Quao river lake has become a famous scenic spot of Phan Thiet, a great pride of local people here. Coming to Quao River, you will surely be surprised by the natural picture, both wild and unique, so beautiful beauty.

For tourists who have had the opportunity to come here and experience it, everyone feels like they are standing in the middle of a poetic and lyrical scene in Europe when watching the lake and river Quao Binh Thuan. The space here is like a fairyland full of enchantment, always attractive and attracting domestic and international tourists to visit.

Just come here at dawn, when the mists are still not over, you will have the opportunity to admire an enchanting, magical beauty of the Quao river lake. Sunrise and sunset are the two most beautiful times for you to look at a landscape picture, to see a masterpiece that cannot only be described in words.

When sunset falls, a very different beauty of the lake appears that is both poetic and interesting like a paradise. Here, many people liken it to a giant mirror, because the water is always so clear, so calm, that it captivates people’s hearts. Stopping at the lake on sunny days, breathing in the fresh air, strangely peaceful life, everyone will feel like they are in the windy highlands.

All the scenery at the lake and river Quao Binh Thuan, each small space appear as an art picture that anyone who comes here to experience, visit, and discover also shares those feelings. This is a unique interference between nature combined with blue sky, small white clouds, majestic mountains, and overlapping trees. All create a lyrical, romantic masterpiece.

Especially, at the end of the year, the scenery at Quao river lake and the forest with the branches changing leaves will be a completely different scene. A sweet “miniature Europe” appears before your eyes in the autumn days. In the middle of that space, you will be delighted to see and explore with friends and loved ones around, it will be the most wonderful moment.

Visiting beautiful lakes in Hue is indispensable for these poetic destinations

Quao river lake in Binh Thuan always brings its own beauty that few tourist destinations have. Through the above article, we hope that visitors will know more about this tourist destination, will have many opportunities to experience and feel all the very peaceful, romantic and gentle beauty here.

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