Virtual believers as well as tourists from all over the world who have the opportunity to visit the capital should definitely not miss the coordinates of the lovely Vietnam Botanical Park with poetic flower gardens that make many people fall in love.

A peaceful stopover in the capital, ideal for weekend fun with relatives and friends, is the Vietnam Botanical Garden, which owns a fresh, airy and green space promises to bring many poetic backgrounds with a “muse” sound that will surely make the girls who are passionate about virtual life go crazy.

About Vietnam Landscape Botanical Park – Peaceful green space for dreaming souls

Address: Alley 168 Phan Trong Tue, Huynh Cung, Thanh Tri, Hanoi

Vietnam Bonsai Park is located in Huynh Cung village, Tam Hiep commune, Thanh Tri district and is only about 10km from the center of the capital and is likened to a “small forest” when it owns a large space with an area of up to 5 hectares and is currently the “roof” of many diverse and abundant ornamental plants and colorful flowers that will surely make nature-loving guests fall in love.

Visitors to this attractive tourist coordinate of Hanoi have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful natural space and admire with their own eyes about 2000 species of flowers – ornamental plants – aquatic plants, 270 varieties of roses and 1 lotus pond which is cultivated and flourished.

In particular, each coordinate in this famous park in Hanoi will be divided into extremely interesting subdivisions such as the location of a beautiful walled road, a large-scale bonsai garden area, a poetic lotus lake area, etc. Guests can experience exploring the impressive space as well as live freely with countless romantic and attractive backgrounds for “genuine” travel photos.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam Bonsai Park?

The Vietnamese landscape botanical park in every season of the year possesses a “poetic” beauty with fresh and airy green space. However, the most ideal time to visit this coordinate takes place around June of the summer when the weather is sunny and the flowers at the park also enter the most brilliant color to help visitors admire the lovely gardens that are extremely overwhelmed and charming.

Join interesting activities at Vietnam Bonsai Park

Strolling down the path of brilliant flowers

The most impressive highlight in this park area in Hanoi is the 200m-long wall of flowers with 100 flowers that are 10-15 years old, blooming brilliantly with lovely pink colors. The scene is like a dream fairy film that makes many people fall in love.

Tuong Vi belongs to the woody plant species, the flowers have tiny petals that form heavy, brilliant bunches and have a lovely pink color. At this botanical park area in Hanoi, the roots are planted in two straight rows to help the trees when growing will drop shade as well as arrange the canopy together to form a poetic green gate that makes any visitor to the above coordinates also want to experience walking down this unique road to feel the charming natural beauty.

Admire the poetic natural beauty

Because of its large area, the Vietnam Bonsai Park is the coordinate that nurtures a lot of trees and poetic flowers, so the space of this place is also extremely scientifically subdivided to create many natural scenes. Interesting, attractive nature is very suitable for walking and sightseeing.

In particular, with a fresh and airy green space, this famous tourist destination in Hanoi wishes to bring a peaceful stop to those who love nature as well as are looking for an iIdeal weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city with family and friends.

An interesting thing about the park area in Hanoi is that it regularly organizes events or programs that provide knowledge related to plants such as cultivation techniques and instructions on how to care for plants, decorate houses with bonsai, flowers, introduce how to grow bonsai art, provide teaching classes in shaping ecological painting, sculpture, etc. for different ages so that visitors have the opportunity to experience new and exciting activities.

Check-in with countless impressive backgrounds

Currently, Vietnam Bonsai Park is not only known as a relaxing place for nature lovers, but also attracts virtual life enthusiasts to visit to find themselves countless “photo hunting” backgrounds. The area that is most popular with tourists is definitely the romantic and charming flower path with lovely pink colors that promises to bring the experience of transforming into an impressive muse in the midst of a colorful garden that anyone can try once when coming to this attractive coordinate.

Besides, visitors who have the opportunity to participate in Hanoi tours certainly cannot miss the opportunity to walk among the poetic green space from the lotus lake area to make your photos more “poetic” and “artistic”.

Coming to the garden of Rach Ke Can Tho to eat fruit and have fun

Vietnam Ornamental Botanical Park is definitely one of the attractive Hanoi tourist destinations on the weekend for guests who love the poetic and fresh natural space and want to experience an exciting virtual life in the journey to discover the fascinating capital.

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