Dalat Chuon Chuon tourist area is a unique combination of novel architecture, surrounded by endless pine trees and coffee hills, giving you a close natural scene and a mineral green space. 

Where is Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat?

Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat is an extremely large complex complex, with an area of up to 15ha. When coming to Chuon Chuon coffee Dalat, you will admire many different spaces such as cafes, some famous attractions, restaurants and vast green pine forests.

Chuon Chuon Dalat tourist area is located in the middle of the mountain, including 3 floors with a novel design, surrounded by a fragrant coffee garden with colorful flower gardens combined with a lively small stream.

The whole space here seems to be hidden in the middle of a large Da Lat, which will surely bring you a sense of peace. Not only that, this place is not far from the center, about 45 minutes by car.

People can go in the direction from Da Lat market and move along Mimosa pass, to Elephant Waterfall – Lam Ha. Then, you just need to go to the exact address number 217, hamlet 3, Me Linh commune, Lam Ha district – Lam Dong province to see Chuon Chuon Dalat tourist area.

The resort is located in the suburbs so it is quite quiet. Fancy architectures such as the image of a cafe in the middle of the hill create a 360-degree space with no dead corners. Cafe Chuon Chuon Dalat will be the check-in destination and also an ideal place to rest and relieve stress for all visitors during weekends and Tet holidays.

Things to do in Chuon Chuon Dalat

Coming to this place, you will be mesmerized by the natural landscape at Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat. Surrounded by vast mountains and forests, inside will be a campus with many different viewing angles for you.

Chuon Chuon cafe in Da Lat has a super nice view in the middle of the hillside

The famous destination that attracts the most visitors’ attention is Chuon Chuon Bistro Dalat. Located in the middle of the hillside, the cafe owns countless virtual living corners. The architecture here is specially designed with 3 luxurious floors with European style.

Visiting Chuon Chuon Coffee Dalat, you will easily choose a suitable location to fully enjoy the space and service of the shop. The more you go inside, the more you will be surprised by the check-in space at the shop. This will be a virtual living place for the most luxurious photos of all tourists when traveling to Da Lat.

Impressive Infinity Lake

Referring to Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat, it is impossible not to mention Infinity Lake. The lake is located just outside of this cafe. Designed as an overflowing lake, that’s also why the lake is called infinity lake, because the more you look, the more you can’t see the end of the lake.

The space has since become larger and more luxurious. In the lake, there will be many new miniatures, creating a highlight for the check-in photos here. Infinity Lake is also the venue for music and art performances by famous artists.

Chuon Chuon Lake is full of flowers in Dalat

Unlike the luxury of Infinity Lake, Chuon Chuon Lake offers a space filled with Da Lat flowers. Although it is only a small area, surrounding and covering the lake are all different colorful flowers.

All create a unique beauty, reminding tourists every time they visit Da Lat. In the middle of the lake is also built more miniatures to make the space more prominent, especially with the appearance of a pair of giant dragonflies creating a unique feature for this destination.

Go up to Vong Canh tower to see the beautiful mountains and forests

True to its name, Vong Canh tower is the most beautiful scenic spot in the Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat. All the towers are built with a system of stairs, viewing points are also arranged in extremely eye-catching floors that make visitors fall in love when they arrive.

The viewing angle is also expanded to 360 degrees to help you feel like you are immersed in the vast nature. You will be able to see the whole city, mountains and forests engulfed in a misty mist. So if you come to the tourist area, you should not miss the Vong Canh tower!

Notes when coming to Chuon Chuon tourist area in Da Lat

Dragonfly Coffee & Bistro will often organize music shows performed by famous bands. Therefore, if you want to attend those concerts, please follow the information on the official page of Chuon Chuon Coffee & Bistro.

According to Dalat travel experience, Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat is a large population, so the time to visit, check-in and rest will take at least 2 hours. Therefore, please arrange your time as well as your schedule accordingly.

There are many outdoor attractions here, so keep an eye on the weather and prepare well for this schedule. In particular, you should avoid on rainy, cloudy days. Chuon Chuon tourist area is located on the outskirts of the city, so learn carefully about the way here to avoid getting lost.

Don’t miss your appointment with famous tourist destinations in Dong Nai

With the above information, hopefully you will feel more interested in Chuon Chuon tourist area in Dalat. Surely in the future, this will become an increasingly popular tourist area, attracting more domestic and foreign tourists to choose one of the Lam Dong tours to come. Pack your backpack and experience it right away!

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