Coming to Rach Ke garden in Can Tho, visitors can not only discover the “fruit kingdom” with all kinds of fresh and delicious Western specialty fruits, but also enjoy having fun. Let’s save the experience of going to Rach Ke fruit garden in Tay Do in detail through the following article.

Rach Ke Garden in Can Tho is located at 396A My Nhon – My Khanh – Phong Dien. This is one of the destinations that attracts tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit Can Tho. Coming to Rach Ke fruit garden, visitors will enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits, enjoy peaceful river views, have picnics and enjoy Western specialties.

Opening time: 7am – 10pm on all days of the week, including New Year holidays.

How to move to Rach Ke fruit garden?

Experience going to Rach Ke garden in Can Tho, to discover this fruit garden first you need to go to Can Tho. There are many different means of transport to Can Tho such as: Airplane, bus or motorbike. As follows:

– Airplane: For those of you departing from Hanoi, it is most convenient to take a plane to Can Tho airport. After that, you can take a taxi with a distance of 17km, the price ranges from 180,000 – 200,000 VND/time.

– Coach: From neighboring provinces in the West or Saigon, you can take a bus to Can Tho bus station and take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Rach Ke Can Tho fruit garden.

– Motorbike: To be proactive about travel time, you can ride a motorbike to Rach Ke garden. From Saigon, you go in the direction of National Highway 1A -> Soc Trang -> cross Dau Sau Bridge -> go straight to Cai Rang floating market -> follow the directions to 96A My Nhon – My Khanh – Phong Dien. If you depart from the center of Can Tho city, you follow the direction from Truc Lam Phuong Lam Thien conservatory towards the extension of Nguyen Van Cu, then turn right about 300m to reach Rach Ke fruit garden.

In addition, from the center of Can Tho city, you can also take bus number 02 with a schedule that goes through Rach Ke garden.

The best time to go to Rach Ke garden

Activities at Rach Ke fruit garden are all outdoors and some fruits are only seasonal, so you should determine the time before visiting this garden. Traveling to Rach Ke garden in Can Tho, the best time is in the summer, from May to August. At this time, the weather is warm and sunny, suitable for fun activities and also the time when ripe fruits are in full bloom.

In addition, you can also refer to some ripe fruit times in Rach Ke garden such as: From January to March is the season of ripe breast milk, An Phuoc plum. The period from March to June is the season of bon bon and green berries in Ha Chau. From June to November is the season of ripe yellow Ha Chau strawberries.

What’s attractive about Rach Ke fruit garden?

Rach Ke Fruit Garden is an ideal destination to “relax” after stressful working days. Visiting this famous fruit garden in Tay Do, you will be able to participate in many interesting experiences such as:

Explore the “fruit kingdom”

The first thing that attracts visitors when coming to Rach Ke fruit garden is the luxuriant gardens with all kinds of sweet and fragrant flowers. Among them are the garden of ripe red rambutan, mangosteen, durian with golden rice, Lo Ren breast milk, An Phuoc plum, Thai jackfruit, cow skin longan… You can rent a boat to go along the two sides of the ditch to enjoy the full fruits here. Or you can take a walk on the small paths to admire the fresh and cool natural scenery at Rach Ke garden.

Enjoy entertainment

Coming to Rach Ke garden in Can Tho, visitors can also participate in many interesting outdoor entertainment activities, typical of the Western river region such as: Suspension bridge, swinging rope, tug of war, going to monkey bridge, fishing, slapping ditches to catch fish… Especially, if you go with a large group of people or family, you can organize a lot of attractive teambuilding games at the hotel.

Enjoy country specialties

Visiting the garden of Rach Ke in Can Tho, you can also enjoy many delicious dishes of Western specialties such as: pancakes, grilled snakehead fish, grilled hamsters, hotpot fish spirit … All ingredients for processing dishes at Rach garden Embankments are homegrown to ensure safety.

Notes when visiting Rach Ke garden in Can Tho

Let’s “pocket” some notes below when visiting Rach Ke Can Tho fruit garden:

– You should check the weather forecast before going so as not to affect the fun.

– Bring full driving license if traveling by motorbike and keep a safe speed.

– In the process of visiting and playing at the fruit garden, it is necessary to maintain general hygiene and not arbitrarily pick fruit.

– You can contact the garden owner to buy fruit to bring home.

– If you go on Tet holiday, you need to contact in advance to book tickets and not have to wait long.

– The price of food in the garden is quite reasonable. However, you can also bring water and food from home.

Experience spiritual tourism at Tay Phuong pagoda in Hanoi

– If you have a lot of time, you can combine visiting other famous places near Rach Ke garden such as: My Khanh tourist village, Truc Lam Phuong Lam Zen Monastery, Truong Tien bridge, An Khang fruit garden, Vam Xang fruit garden …

Above is the whole experience of going to Rach Ke garden in Can Tho to discover interestingly. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a memorable trip with friends and loved ones when you have the opportunity to visit Can Tho.

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