Art enthusiasts now have an interesting “common home” in the capital, which is Coushsurfing Café – a place that offers a unique and new art experience space that is extremely attractive.

Coushsurfing Café is a place that offers many interesting artistic experiences and a new and attractive coffee-enjoying space for guests who are passionate about music, painting, etc. or love to discover interesting things related to them. Come to this attractive field, you will have the opportunity to visit and relax impressively with relatives and friends.

The location of Coushsurfing Café – Impressive art space in the heart of the city

Coushsurfing Café is likened to a “jewel” for those who have both interests in the field of art and hope to find a peaceful coffee shop in the heart of the city because this interesting location is located in the heart of the city. Being in a small alley in the old dormitory on Doi Can street, it brings a very attractive peaceful atmosphere.

From the outside, this cafe in Hanoi has a rather ordinary appearance, but stepping inside will surely surprise visitors with the creativity in design and decoration that make this place so special. It is different and unlike any other space to enjoy coffee in the capital, so if you and your loved ones have the opportunity to join an attractive Hanoi tour, don’t forget to visit this “extremely artistic” coordinate.

Although it is located in an alley, the entrance to the above tourist attraction in Hanoi is relatively comfortable and thanks to its spacious yard, visitors certainly do not need to worry about parking space as well as feel secure to participate in the experience and have a memorable time at this delightful cafe in Hanoi.

Impressive art space at Coushsurfing Café

Coushsurfing Café owns 2 floors with different space design with the expectation to bring many separate emotional experiences to customers who visit the cafe and especially, thanks to the perfect combination of books, music. and painting have turned this cafe into a desirable destination for those who are passionate about the extremely chill art atmosphere that comes from unique and interesting creative design highlights.

In which, if you are a singing enthusiast, love the bustle or if you go in a large group and expect to enjoy impromptu performances or look for a space to chat, the 1st floor is definitely the ideal space for exciting activities.

For those who love quiet space, the 2nd floor of Coushsurfing Café Hanoi is definitely a “paradise” for you and in this area there are also bookshelves with a variety of genres to help visitors comfortably choose books.

In particular, the space on the 2nd floor at Coushsurfing Café offers many impressive locations when the outside is designed a small balcony area with extremely chilled potted plants and inside, there are many paintings from students participating in the workshop, so it is ideal if you want to immerse yourself in the colorful, interesting art space or want to find new ideas for life.

Experience exciting activities at Coushsurfing Café

Immerse yourself in the impressive art space

This alley coffee shop in Hanoi has its very own art space for students who want to participate in workshop activities such as attending drawing lessons to learn how to come up with ideas for paintings created by them,  joining the class with friends to exchange experiences in an interesting and engaging learning process.

Besides cultivating creative skills, painting at Coushsurfing Café is also a way for you to relieve stress and relax after many hours of work and study on weekends as well as create opportunities to make friends with people who are passionate about fascinating art.

Check-in with tons of “very artistic” backgrounds

Visitors who are passionate about virtual living have the opportunity to visit and explore the tourist attractions of the capital. They should definitely not miss this unique Coushsurfing Café Hanoi to “hunt” for themselves new “extreme” views.

As for the space of Coushsurfing Café, the most distinctive feature is definitely the paintings that are decorated everywhere at the shop from Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on wooden planks and delicately located in the bar area, the works from the students participating in the workshop are all framed and hung on the wall or displayed artfully around the coffee tables and chairs… There are countless cool, “genuine” backgrounds that make virtual believers go crazy.

In particular, interesting decorations such as plaster figurines, ceiling lights, bookshelves, easels to lovely potted plants… are all interesting suggestions for an attractive virtual background at this cafe, promise to bring a unique and new Hanoi travel experience that visitors should not miss.

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Address: No. 103a/2 Alley 84 Ngoc Khanh, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
Time: 7:30 – 23:30
Reference price: 39,000 – 55,000 VND

If you are an art enthusiast and want to experience relaxation or participate in exciting creative activities during an interesting trip to Hanoi, then definitely do not forget to visit Coushsurfing Café – the ideal stopover for “dreamers” or those who love to discover new and unique things right in the heart of the capital.

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