Coming to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area, visitors will be “transformed” into a genuine Western farmer and experience fishing, casting nets, collecting wild honey, picking field vegetables and eating super Western specialties. yummy.

Address of Muoi Ngot eco-tourism area

Muoi Ngot eco-tourism area is located at Hamlet 4, in Khanh Binh Northwest Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province. This is a private resort invested by Mr. Muoi Ngot and officially put into operation at the end of 2015. Coming to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area, visitors will enjoy the fresh air and green nature. and enjoy playing, eating and drinking.

The ideal time to go to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area

Experience going to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau eco-zone, because all fun activities at the eco-zone take place outdoors, so visitors should find out the weather before going. Besides, determining the time in advance also helps you have more interesting experiences for the trip. For example: Determining the right time to exploit wild bees or water lily season…

The best time to visit Muoi Ngot eco-zone is from December to April next year or from July to August. If you go from May to November, you should check the weather forecast in advance because this is the rainy season in Ca Mau.

How to move to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau ecological area?

To travel the nearest and most convenient Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area, visitors can refer to the guide below:

– From Ca Mau city center (40km away): Visitors follow the Ngo Quyen route extending in the direction of Hon Da Bac -> Co Xang bridge, turn right -> there is a signpost to Muoi Ngot tourist area -> Continue driving across canal 88 bridge -> go one more left turn -> to Ca Mau Fertilizer Gas Power -> turn left about 1.5km to Muoi Ngot ecological area.

– From Saigon: From Saigon to Muoi Ngot ecological area is about 328km, so visitors should go by bus to Ca Mau city center and refer to the way to go as above.

– From Hanoi: For tourists from Hanoi who want to go to the eco-zone, the most convenient way is to take a plane to Ca Mau airport, then take a taxi to the resort.

Enjoy playing, eating specialties at Muoi Ngot ecological area

What does Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area have? Coming to Muoi Ngot ecological area, visitors will experience interesting practical activities such as:

– Get wild honey: You will be accompanied by the people here to collect wild honey in U Minh Ha. The U Minh Ha forest area has many places to get wild honey, moreover, it also has beautiful scenery that attracts tourists to visit. The most ideal time to harvest U Minh Ha forest honey is around the beginning of March and April of the lunar calendar, at this time the Melaleuca forest flowers and attracts bees for honey.

– Experience catching field fish: Besides collecting honey, visitors when coming to Muoi Ngot ecological garden can also experience fishing, casting nets or setting aside… The result is fresh and delicious field fish and then you will have delicious party with typical western specialties such as goby fish hotpot, grilled snakehead fish.

– Picking vegetables in the field: With a large area of ​​Muoi Ngot tourist area, there are green vegetable gardens planted to serve the dining needs of tourists, while developing eco-tourism and having a source of clean vegetables to enjoy. You can pick bananas, buds or water lilies to make delicious dishes.

– Enjoying the ancient gazebo: One of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when coming to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area is to enjoy the unique performance of the ancient repertory performed by the people here.

What to eat when coming to Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area?

Not only have beautiful scenery when exploring Muoi Ngot Ca Mau tourist area, visitors can also enjoy delicious specialties. Among them are: Grilled yellow catfish, grilled snakehead fish, fish sauce hot pot, eel hot pot, young bee salad, fried baby bees, grilled bees with banana leaves, delicious dishes made from rats and snakes.

The restaurant inside Muoi Ngot tourist area has a spacious and airy space. In particular, the restaurant has an ideal open plan for guests to enjoy delicious food and admire the beautiful scenery. Food prices are considered reasonable.

Notes when going to Muoi Ngot tourist area

To have a fun trip and explore the most beautiful scenery of Muoi Sweet tourist area, visitors should also “pocket” the following useful notes:

– Should carry all the necessary documents and ensure a safe speed if traveling by personal vehicle.

– Ecological area is often crowded on weekends and holidays, so if you are traveling in a large group, you should contact the resort in advance.

– You can bring food and drinks from home if you don’t want to eat at the restaurant of Muoi Ngot eco-zone.

– Ca Mau specialties as gifts you can buy: bee sauce, mullet, beeswax, dried snakehead fish, pure wild honey…

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Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have the most memorable trip at Muoi Ngot Ca Mau resort with family and friends! In addition, you can refer to: Ca Mau travel experience

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