Check-in Dak R’Moan suspension bridge, right from the first steps you will feel extremely surprised by the breathtaking beauty and spaciousness, the bridge crosses the lake bed of Dak R’tih hydroelectric power station, in the middle of nowhere. This enchanting, mysterious and attractive space will make you not want to leave.

The bridges in the Central Highlands always give visitors a special feeling because they do not bring the flashy beauty, sparkling lights like the urban city, but attracted by the simple beauty with a strong wild character. of the great place and Dak R’Moan suspension bridge is one of such bridges. Traveling in Gia Nghia city, you definitely do not miss this beautiful bridge.

Dak R’Moan Suspension Bridge is a great check-in point in Gia Nghia

Referring to Dak Nong, people will immediately remember Ta Dung, a wonderful paradise of the great thousand, but this highland land is not only that, this place also has countless beautiful and attractive destinations that only Once you set foot in, you will be reluctant to leave. Dak R’Moan suspension bridge is one of the attractive check-in points that is attracting young people who are passionate about travel recently.

This bridge is located in Tan An village, Dak R’Moan commune, Gia Nghia city. Located not too far from the city of yellow flowers, but Dak R’Moan suspension bridge has a natural appearance full of minerals, bold natural breath.

This suspension bridge was officially started in 2014 with a length of 84 meters and a width of 1.2 meters spanning the reservoir of Dak R’tih hydroelectric power station. This bridge has a typical Tay Nguyen suspension bridge architecture with a simple design consisting of 2 bridgeheads and a suspension bridge body with typical iron lines. Seen from afar, the suspension bridge across the reservoir has a wonderful beauty, the lake bed is immense, the banks are verdant with green trees and basalt red mudflats creating a Western beauty. Original.

Dak R’Moan suspension bridge is most beautiful in the golden season, when the flowers at the top of the bridge bloom in brilliant yellow, it is also the time when tourists from near and far come together to enjoy the view and check-in. virtual life. The space of the bridge in the blooming season is as beautiful as a painting.

Dak R’Moan suspension bridge check-in experience you should know

Dak R’Moan Suspension Bridge is located not too far from the center of Gia Nghia city, so you can choose to travel by motorbike to this place from the center. From Gia Nghia, you move in the direction of Dak R’Moan Commune People’s Committee, pass the committee area, turn left onto the asphalt road and go straight to arrive.

The best time to check-in this suspension bridge is in summer or autumn, these are the two times when you can see the beauty of the suspension bridge and the surrounding scenery to the fullest. In the summer days around May and June, the hydroelectric lake has clear water along with green trees and vast fields, bringing a fresh and full of life. In autumn, when the yellow cassia is in full bloom, Dak R’Moan suspension bridge has a poetic appearance that makes you stunned as if you have set foot in a fairyland.

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Dak R’Moan suspension bridge is an attractive destination that makes us almost rub and fall in love, because of its solid but also very soft appearance, amidst the vast scenery of the reservoir bed and the vast fields of fields.

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