Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area is a favorite place of many young people and families with its fresh natural scenery, large swimming pool and many interesting entertainment and entertainment activities.

Address of Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area

Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area is located at 305 DT 743A, Binh An commune, Di An district, Binh Duong province. The resort is invested and developed with the available tourism potentials and has become the leading tourist attraction destination in Binh Duong today according to the ecological model. Lo O Stream is famous for its large space and fresh atmosphere, chosen by many tourists to relax, play and entertain on weekends and holidays.

Visitors can come to Suoi Lo O ecological area at any time of the year. However, because all fun activities at the eco-zone take place outdoors, you should check the weather forecast before you go. The best time to go to Suoi Lo O ecological area is from May to August. At this time, the weather is sunny and little rainy, suitable for fun activities and picnics.

How to move to Suoi Lo O ecological area

According to the experience of going to Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area from Saigon to this ecological area is about 23km and about 20km from Thu Dau Mot city center, so visitors can easily move here.

– From Saigon: For tourists departing from Saigon, they can go by coach, bus or private vehicle. If you take a bus, you can take the bus from Mien Dong station to Binh Duong or bus route number 53. If traveling by private vehicle, the most convenient way is to follow Pham Van Dong route about 24.1km, with time drive about 47 minutes to reach the ecological area.

– From Thu Dau Mot city: Guests departing from the center of Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong, it is most convenient to go through the route My Phuoc – Tan Van or Binh Duong Boulevard/NH13 about 30-40 minutes. next.

For first-time visitors to Binh Duong or not familiar with the road, you can ask people on the way or look it up on Google Maps.

What does Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area have?

Exploring Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, cool off at the swimming pool, wade in streams and participate in entertainment games.

Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery

Suoi Lo O ecological area attracts visitors with its rich natural scenery, with many ancient trees creating a beautiful picture that fascinates visitors from the first time they come. Coming to Suoi Lo O ecological area, visitors will enjoy beautiful scenery and relax their souls, dispel all the fatigue of life. The roads in Suoi Lo O ecological area are all paved with flat asphalt, so visitors can rent bicycles to go sightseeing.

Swimming in the stream to cool off, have fun

Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area has small streams with clear water, rocky cliffs and trees that bring fresh air to visitors. With the sound of murmuring streams along with unspoiled mountains and forests, visitors can wade through the stream to cool off, play and listen to birds chirping.

Ideal destination for couples and families

This is also a favorite place for many couples and families to have a picnic on the weekend. With beautiful natural scenery and cool climate, the eco-zone is an ideal place for a couple to go on a date. As for families with small children, when coming to Suoi Lo O ecological area, they will be delighted to have fun and “relax” their souls after a tiring and stressful working week.

Enjoy entertainment

Suoi Lo O ecological area has an amusement park with many interesting games. If you go in a large group, you can organize teambuilding and outdoor activities. In particular, the ecological area also has a large garden that is ideal for holding a wedding party with a luxurious space for the couple’s big day.

Cool off at the pool

There is a large and beautiful swimming pool inside Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area, which is an ideal place for visitors to cool off and relax. The swimming pool is divided into separate adult and children areas, regularly filtered water to ensure clean water for visitors to cool off safely.

Check-in beautiful virtual living

In the campus of the ecological area, there are many beautiful shooting angles for visitors to live virtual. You can take pictures at the pool, stream and especially the suspension bridge spanning the mountains, promising to be that beautiful background place.

In addition, when coming to Suoi Lo O ecological area, visitors can also relax with spa services, luxury gym and resort activities…

Notes when going to Suoi Lo O Binh Duong ecological area

Visiting Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area, you should also “pocket” the following useful notes:

– If traveling by personal vehicle, you should carry all the necessary documents and go at a safe speed.

– For those of you who want to organize camping at the resort, you should prepare tools and food in advance from home.

– Bring insect repellant, hats, sunglasses…

– Avoid littering in the resort’s premises.

– About eating, you can bring food and water from home. Or you can eat at the resort’s restaurant with Binh Duong specialties and reasonably priced drinks.

– The resort has room service for tourists, the price ranges from 200,000 – 500,000 VND/night.

– If tourists have a lot of time, they can combine visiting famous places near Suoi Lo O ecological area such as: Thuy Chau eco-tourism area, Binh An lake, Chau Thoi pagoda…

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If tourists are looking for a place to have fun and picnic near Saigon, then Suoi Lo O Binh Duong tourist area is the top ideal destination. In addition, you can refer to: Detailed Binh Duong travel experience


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