If you have a chance to visit the Central Highlands capital, don’t forget to immediately take note of the free virtual living places in Buon Ma Thuot for an interesting journey.

Free virtual living places in Buon Ma Thuot promise to bring interesting and attractive stops as well as help visitors own countless attractive check-in backgrounds in the journey to discover the “sunny” land.

1. Da Voi Mountain

Da Voi Mountain is located in Yang Tao commune (Lak district), far from the city center of about 40 km along National Highway 27. This unique place is a pair of Elephant Father and Elephant Mother rocks located in the middle of the wild, majestic mountains and associated with many thrilling and mysterious legends.

Currently, Da Voi Mountain has become one of the “hot hit” free virtual living places in Buon Ma Thuot that are sought after by many enthusiasts. In particular, the place that visitors can experience conquering is the Mother Elephant rock area with a length of about 200m, a circumference of about 500m at the foot of the rock, more than 30m high, weighing tens of thousands of tons and is considered the  largest monolithic rock in Vietnam.

At many prime locations on this rocky mountain, you can zoom out to admire the panoramic view of the wild mountains and forests as well as capture this impressive angle of view for attractive tourist photos. And tourists who want to visit the above tourist destination can come from Buon Ma Thuot city center running along Highway 27.

2. Lake Ea Kao

Ea Kao Lake is an artificial lake located in Ea Kao commune, about 12km from Buon Ma Thuot city center, so it is extremely convenient for tourists to plan to explore on weekends or holidays with relatives and friends.

This free virtual living place in Buon Ma Thuot is famous for possessing charming and poetic natural scenery from the vast, fresh lake area surrounded by pristine and majestic mountains that make anyone who looks at it must be amazed and overwhelmed.

In addition, visitors should visit Ea Kao Lake in the dry season because this time there is little rain, creating favorable conditions for you to experience many attractive tourist activities such as walking in the dreamy green fields, hunting romantic sunset moments on the lake, checking-in with countless impressive natural backgrounds or choosing to stay at the resort.

3. Khai Doan Pagoda

Khai Doan Pagoda is definitely a tourist destination in Dak Lak that is too familiar with tourists from all over the world in their journey to discover the capital of the Central Highlands. This famous religious work is located at 117 Phan Boi Chau Street and is considered the first temple built in the plateau land on a massive area of up to nearly 7 acres.

Being established in 1951, the temple has undergone many restorations and constructions to become one of the largest Buddhist centers in the Central region. Khai Doan Pagoda impresses with its unique Hue royal architecture combined with the design of the stilt houses of the Central Highlands and the longhouses of the Ede people, contributing to creating a complex of works with majestic beauty.

Visitors visiting the free virtual living place in Buon Ma Thuot can combine worshiping and sightseeing activities and find for themselves countless impressive virtual backgrounds from the beautiful architecture that the temple owns. .

4. Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village or Coffee Village is a cluster of architectural works with an area of about 20,000m2 located in the northwest of Buon Ma Thuot, Ly Thai To – Nguyen Huu Tho junction. This place is a famous tourist destination in the Central Highlands when it owns a unique architectural space with national identity and a unique coffee space, so it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world to visit to experience the discovery as well as to enjoy the fresh air and the original taste of specialty coffee in this land.

Visitors to this tourist site can comfortably visit without an entrance fee, instead you only need to pay for drinks and food here with prices ranging from 25,000 VND – 200,000 VND.

In particular, in the sightseeing area at Coffee village, there are many impressive areas such as museums displaying artifacts, enjoyment areas, food courts, amusement parks, etc., giving visitors the opportunity to participate in many enjoyable and relaxing activities. At the same time, because of possessing a diverse landscape with cultural works, waterfalls, campus … so visitors visiting this free virtual living place in Buon Ma Thuot definitely do not forget to take photos.

5. Buon Ma Thuot Book Street

Buon Ma Thuot Book Street is located at alley 2, Phan Chu Trinh street, extending to Nguyen Tat Thanh street (Thang Loi ward, Buon Ma Thuot city), behind the Cathedral with a length of about 100m. It is one of the impressive new discovery tourist destination that is loved by tourists when coming to the capital of the Central Highlands.

This route includes 23 stalls divided into reading areas, coffee areas and souvenir shops. Besides, along this route will be decorated by 19 paintings depicting beautiful scenes in Dak Lak, showing coffee production activities of farmers and cultural life of the Ede people. The same impression promises to bring interesting highlights to help enthusiasts  comfortably take attractive photos.

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The list of free virtual living places in Buon Ma Thuot that are famous for your plan to explore the Central Highlands capital promises to help you and your loved ones to experience many new and interesting discovery activities.

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