With the appearance of a Vietnamese village with village gates, green bamboo, immense rice fields, … Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang has become a sightseeing destination for many tourists. Only about 10km from Da Nang city, but the village brings a whole new breath, it is ancient, rustic and unusually peaceful!

About Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang

Phong Nam Ancient Village is located in Hoa Chau Commune, Hoa Vang District. City. Danang. The village is formed from 4 small villages, namely Tay An, Bau Cau, Dong Hoa and Nam Thach and is located on the direction of National Highway 1A, only about 10km southwest of Da Nang city.

Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang was formed in the Champa period and this is also the hometown of an outstanding talent in Vietnamese history, Mr. Ich Khiem. After being renamed many times such as Da Ly, Phong Le, etc., the name Phong Nam appeared about 100 years ago and is used until now.

The ideal time to visit Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang
To be able to fully feel the ancient and rustic beauty of Phong Nam ancient village, according to Da Nang travel experience, you can come here during the summer time. At that time, the climate was quite dry, with little rain. That has exalted the quiet beauty of this village.

If you are a photography lover, come here in the best season to be able to capture impressive photos. One more note is that summer is also the time when Da Nang enters the peak tourist season. So to save money on travel and accommodation costs, book the services early!

Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang has something outstanding?

Ancient architectural works

The attraction of many visitors to Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang is that many ancient architectural works are preserved almost intact to this day. The first is the ancient village gate with the main yellow color creating a quiet, ancient feature. Next to the village gate is an ancient banyan tree with hundreds of years old standing tall, experiencing many events and ups and downs of the times.

When going deep inside the village, visitors will admire the temples, churches, shrines and ancient houses covered with green moss. Especially, the image of Dong Hoa Wharf in Hen village is famous for making mussels with unique flavors famous throughout Da Nang. Right next to the wharf there is an ancient temple located under a thousand-year-old banyan tree next to the Tay An river wharf. In addition, this ancient village is also a place to live and gather for many local people to create closeness and friendliness.

Experiencing many ups and downs of history and the change of time, the people here still keep the original simple and rustic lifestyle of the Central people. When you come here, you will be immersed in that living atmosphere to feel the most clearly.

Peaceful space

When you come to Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang, you feel like you are going back in time to the simplicity and rustic of the ancient Vietnamese. Visitors will inevitably be overwhelmed by the peaceful scenery of the village’s bamboo ramparts, the vast rice fields covered with flying storks, and winding trails leading the way.

If you were born in the countryside or are fascinated by the scenes in a TV series about an idyllic village, you will feel interested and curious to visit Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang. Because this village evokes many emotions in you about an idyllic space, close to the beautiful and close memory domain.

When coming to Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang, don’t forget to participate in rustic and warm village markets. Here often display and sell many famous local agricultural products. Next to the large stalls are bamboo stalls, wooden tables, … strangely familiar. Participating in the countryside market, visitors will be immersed in the cultural activities of extremely hospitable local residents.

Unique traditional festivals

Not only a peaceful scene or unique old houses, Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang also attracts tourists by traditional festivals. Prominent among them is the Shepherd Festival dedicated to shepherd children. The festival is often held with many traditional folk games with the meaning of praying for a bountiful harvest and honoring farming.

In addition to attending the festival, visitors can also directly experience many interesting cultural activities and enjoy attractive folk specialties. Surely those activities will bring you a lot of memorable and new experiences.

Great check-in spots

Not only Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach, … are places with impressive contexts for visitors to live virtual. Even in the ancient village of Phong Nam Da Nang, there are many beautiful corners for visitors to freely record pictures with ancient colors. Those are communal courtyards, wells, ancient buildings, etc. Every passing place, many people will want to take lots of beautiful photos.

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What to eat in Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang?

No matter where your friend goes, you will always want to find yourself a few unique gifts or specialties to remember where you have been. During your trip to Phong Nam ancient village, you also need to buy yourself some typical items. This place is not only famous for its water well, banyan tree, communal yard,… but also many delicious dishes such as Quang noodles, vermicelli with shrimp paste, rice paper rolls with pork,…

Although not as modern and bustling as other places, the peaceful and peaceful life of Phong Nam ancient village in Da Nang still attracts a large number of tourists every day. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Da Nang in the near future, do not miss this ancient place!


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