You don’t have to go all the way to Japan to see the romantic beauty of the land of the sun, but even in Japanese streets in Saigon, you can still experience a part of that beauty.

Saigon is a famous tourist destination that everyone should visit once. In addition to the luxurious and classy tourist destinations, the places designed in the style of Japan, Korea, Thailand, … are also loved by many people. Let’s explore 5 Japanese streets in Saigon below to see why they are so attractive!

1. Little Japan Town

If you want to experience the Japanese rhythm of life right in the heart of Saigon, Little Japan Town is an ideal destination for you. Different from the Japanese restaurants in Saigon, these shops and eateries on Japanese street in Saigon are designed very simply but still bring the “breath” of Japan by the red lanterns, the beautiful small signs or rustic wooden tables and chairs.

In order to serve the increasing number of people as well as tourists, Little Japan Town has developed many different Japanese-style businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, and massage services,… The shops in a small street create a cozy Japanese atmosphere, attracting a lot of tourists to visit.

Unlike other streets or shopping spots, this Japanese street in Saigon is extremely quiet, only the sounds of welcoming guests, soft talking or cooking. When the street lights up, it is also the time when the street becomes a bit bustling by the sound of chattering in the restaurants and wine shops. Therefore, many people say that not only the appearance but also the rhythm of life in “Little Japan” is very similar to Japan.

2. Chill Town Saigon

Chill Town Saigon is inspired by the beautiful streets of Tokyo. The strong impression of Chill Town Saigon is the mysterious and shimmering vibe of the shop. Located in the heart of Saigon bustling with people coming and leaving, the shop appears with colorful shimmering lights. Along with that, there are Japanese signs in front of the shop all along the street. Chill Town is a special highlight as well as a special Saigon tourist destination that everyone must remember.

When coming to this Japanese neighborhood in Saigon, visitors will see a whole Japanese sky appearing right in front of their eyes, from shops, modern and bustling metro stations. Fon’t forget to go to the old, simple restaurants, corners or the nostalgic space of ancient temples and Asakusa temples, or the corners of cherry blossoms blooming in the sky and purple lavender flowers …

Besides, this Japanese street in Saigon is also a very impressive chill space at night with diverse dishes and drinks, special flavors and extremely eye-catching decor. In the afternoon, when the sun’s rays begin to fade and the street lights up, put all your work, sadness aside, immediately call a group of close friends to the shop to sip food or enjoy a delicious glass of water. What’s better than that?

3. Brew Your Café

Brew Your Café is one of the “miniature Tokyo” that attracts many young people to come and check in. The shop is designed with 4 floors, the space is decorated with modern and eye-catching Japanese style. Interspersed with it are potted green plants to create a fresh and pleasant space.

The curtain is printed with Sumo fighters, Maneki Neko cats, Koi fish, etc., which look very lovely. In addition, the shop is also highlighted by outstanding red lanterns, simple wooden tables and chairs, or warm-colored doors, all of which will give you the most authentic feeling like the streets in Japan.

This Japanese-style shop also has a pretty large terrace with lovely decor. Sitting here and sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying the wind and watching the streets is really interesting. And especially, there are so many beautiful photo angles for you to comfortably check in!

4. Ginza Coffee

When entering the shop, you will be very surprised because the space here is very similar to the beautiful land of Phu Tang. The Ginza Smashing Coffee has a fairly spacious and airy area. Taking red and black as the main color along with eye-catching decorative details has made this place very special and attractive.

The shop has 2 different areas for you to choose to sit, the table and chairs area or the soft mattress floor. Every place is beautifully decorated and extremely comfortable. In particular, this Japanese street in Saigon also has many excellent backgrounds for you to create “million-like” photos.

True to its name, Ginza also has a very special therapy. Visitors here can comfortably smash everything in a private area to relax without fear of affecting anyone. The “Wall of Wrath” is ready to stand there to bear all your anger. Take all your troubles out there and then go out happily and love the life again!

5. Oishi Town

Oishi Town Japanese Street is a complex with bold architecture and space in Japan. In addition to the shimmering space, this place also attracts visitors by Japanese restaurants. It is not too difficult for you to find for yourself delicious Japanese food with the right taste. The green space and attractive things here have made Oishi Town a destination that attracts many tourists.

This Japanese street in Saigon is located in a super-wide farm, so it is very suitable for everyone to organize a weekend excursion. Especially on every Saturday and Sunday, this place also organizes Acoustics music night. There is nothing more interesting than melodious music and a cool space with a glass of water.

According to the Saigon travel experience shared by many people after coming to Oishi Town, it is here that there are many excellent backgrounds to check in, so remember to prepare yourself a set of beautiful dresses to collect quality pictures.

Being lost in a small forest on the edge of Hanoi at the coordinates of the ‘poetic’ Vietnam Botanical Park

Saigon is large and there is no shortage of beautiful destinations for you to explore. Let’s save these attractive Japanese streets in Saigon and experience them gradually in your trips. Because you only need to come here once, you will want to come here forever. And also remember to save yourself memories here!

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