Busy traffic aside, the Vietnamese capital remains one of the top favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. “Falling in love” with this land, but do you know the right things to do in Hanoi? Let’s take a look at the list of experiences recently suggested by the famous German Travelbook magazine.

Things to do in Hanoi that tourists should experience

1. Visit Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam

In the midst of the bustling and busy streets of Hanoi, the Temple of Literature is a solemn place. A place to return to with a peaceful and quiet space with ancient imprints dating back thousands of years. With many generations, whether old, young, big or small, this place is always a place that is hard to miss whenever you have the opportunity to visit this land.

Going from the entrance, the first university in Vietnam bears the imprint of time but has not been faded. Stepping through the wooden gates, green campus with rows of trees, lotus ponds, fig ponds, etc. The scenery is much more attractive to visitors to visit. At the Temple of Literature, Quoc Tu Giam also regularly takes place many meaningful cultural activities so that everyone can participate together.

2. Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

For every Vietnamese citizen, Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum is a very sacred place. Located in the middle of historic Ba Dinh square, coming here visitors not only visit Uncle Ho but also visit Uncle Ho’s stilt house, fish pond, Ho Chi Minh museum,…. Sitting in the cool, every morning in front of the mausoleum, the flag raising ceremony takes place and the night is a solemn flag lowering ceremony.

3. Visit One Pillar Pagoda

One of the top recommended things to do in Hanoi when visiting Uncle Ho’s mausoleum is to visit One Pillar Pagoda or Dien Huu Pagoda. The temple is thousands of years old, belongs to the top list of ancient and is one of the cultural symbols of Hanoi. The temple has a unique architecture, the shrine placed on a wooden pillar is now replaced by a concrete pillar like a lotus in the middle of a lake. Visitors come to burn incense to worship Buddha and enjoy the peaceful scene.

4. Experience sitting on a cyclo to watch the street

The cyclos represent a part of the ancient memory of the land of a thousand years of civilization between the modern capital and the hustle and bustle. The experience of sitting on a cyclo and watching the streets is chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists. Sit in the car slowly go through the nooks and crannies of the streets of Hanoi and feel the breath of the city.

“Hanoi is not in a hurry” so we just enjoy the trip leisurely. Traveling to Hanoi, try riding a cyclo through old and small shops selling traditional souvenirs, luxury shops, sidewalk shops, etc. Life is exposed little by little in front of your eyes. with attractive colors.

5. Watch the water puppet show

This is one of the oldest types of folk theater in Vietnam, so coming here is also an activity you should try. The wooden puppets carry the soul of the wet rice civilization. The puppets are created into shapes of all classes and shades as representing the people in society.

Watching water puppet shows with your own eyes is like seeing the whole picture of life but without being dependent, free and liberal. In addition to entertainment, it also carries values ​​and meaningful messages about culture and education. It is indeed a meaningful thing to do in Hanoi that everyone should try once.

6. Enjoy Hanoi cuisine

The dishes of Hanoi are not only delicious but also like the very essence of the people here, noble and elegant. It can be seen that in every season, there are delicious dishes to satisfy diners. The most famous with foreign guests must mention the noodle soup with chewy noodles, dung bar and tender fresh beef. Those who haven’t tried it just once will know why it’s so impressive.

In addition, Hanoi cuisine also has many other special dishes: bun cha, spring rolls, vermicelli, sticky rice, … In addition to luxury restaurants, sitting at streetside stalls eating grilled food, hot pot also This is a good suggestion to enjoy more delicious dishes in the capital!

There is an ancient village of Phong Nam Da Nang so peaceful and rustic!

Things to do in Hanoi to learn all about the people, culture and life of this place. “Hanoi – Come to love”, true to the theme of the Hanoi Tourism Festival in 2022, come try and find out, you will be missed by this land and do not want to leave.

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