Tuan Chau island resort is a very hot address that is always sought by tourist followers when traveling to Ha Long, read the experience of going to Tuan Chau island to prepare for the upcoming trip!

The beauty of Tuan Chau is something that no one can deny. However, do you know what to play in Tuan Chau? If you are looking for an attractive and popular tourist destination, do not ignore this article. Here is a summary of “everything” about Tuan Chau island resort that you should know to make your discovery journey more complete!

About Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island was formerly a rather unspoiled island, isolated from the mainland. Later, from the mainland to the island, which was connected by a big road and built more entertainment areas, Tuan Chau Island has become an extremely famous Quang Ninh tourist destination that many people wish to visit once.

Tuan Chau Island is located about 120km from Hanoi, 5km from Bai Chay area, this is an island with 5-star luxury resorts, high-class hotels, modern entertainment areas and even the largest cruise ship ports in Southeast Asia. This is also the starting place of the yachts that take tourists to explore Ha Long Bay.

What is the reasonable timeto visit Tuan Chau?

Tuan Chau island tourist area attracts a lot of tourists every year. Each season here has its own beauty, its own attraction. However, everyone needs to grasp the weather before going to make their Tuan Chau trip more complete. From the end of April to the beginning of October, the weather is very cool, pleasant, convenient for swimming activities, or playing outdoors.

In the middle of the year, the weather in Quang Ninh will be quite hot. However, this is a time when there are many public holidays, and the air in Tuan Chau is also cool, so you should not worry too much. You should depend on the needs of each person to choose the most appropriate time for their trip.

How to move to Tuan Chau island resort?

To get to Tuan Chau Ha Long island resort, you have a lot of choices for your means of transportation such as cars, motorbikes, passenger cars, airplanes. Either way, the road is very convenient.

Bus routes from Hanoi to Quang Ninh pass through Tuan Chau. You can buy tickets and depart from My Dinh bus station, the fare ranges from 180,000 VND to 250,000 VND.

For those who want to ride a motorbike, they should learn carefully and ask the experience of those who have gone before to avoid getting lost. From Hanoi, visitors follow road 5 to Sai Dong junction. You go to Bac Ninh, from here follow Route 18 through Pha Lai, to Chi Linh, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, and Ha Long.

For those who depart from Saigon, buy a plane ticket to Cat Bi airport – Hai Phong, or Van Don airport – Quang Ninh, then take another bus to Tuan Chau island resort.

Discover the charm of Tuan Chau island resort

Tuan Chau Beach

Having come to the sea and islands, it is impossible to ignore swimming. And coming to Tuan Chau island, too, don’t forget to let yourself relax when immersing yourself in the clear, clean and cool water. The sea here has smooth waves, fine sand, is a huge investment artificial beach and this is also a completely free entertainment spot for visitors.

Tuan Chau amusement park

Tuan Chau amusement park – Tuan Chau Park is the largest amusement park on Tuan Chau island. This place attracts visitors with attractive games such as: Water music performance area, underwater dolphin performance area, thrilling games, …

– Water music performance area: Coming to Tuan Chau island, it is impossible to ignore the water music performance. Looking down from above, we can see the water music site looks like an ancient Roman arena.

– Dolphin performance area under water: Dolphin circus show is also a prominent activity in Tuan Chau, it attracts a lot of tourists, especially children.

– Thrilling games: in addition to beautiful natural scenes and modern amusement parks, at Tuan Chau island resort you also have the opportunity to experience thrilling games such as high-speed water skiing, canoeing. parachute, windsurfing,…

In addition, those who participate in the long-term Quang Ninh tour can balance their own time to explore many other Quang Ninh tourist attractions such as: Sun World Ha Long Complex, Bai Chay, Ha Long Bay, Quan Lan island, Tra Co, Co To island, Van Don island tourist area, Cam Pha, Ba Vang pagoda tourist area, Yen Tu tourist area, Thac Mo eco-tourism area, Uong Bi …

Sightseeing and taking photos to check in at Tuan Chau harbor

Tuan Chau port is considered the most beautiful port in Vietnam. If you go deep inside, you will see that this place gathers many luxurious and modern yachts of different types. Along the two sides of the aisle are restaurants, coffee shops, green coconut trees, a place for tourists to stop and rest while waiting to board the train. This is also the place that will give you virtual live pictures like Europe.

Hunting for free check-in locations in Phu Yen with countless ‘genuine’ backgrounds

What are you waiting for? Tuan Chau island resort is only one flight away from you! Hurry up to book tickets, pack up and hit the road to have the best check-in pictures and great experience at the pearl island of Ha Long!

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