As a person who is passionate about exploring and moving, you cannot ignore the tourist destinations of Kien Giang, where there are many large and small islands along with mountains and forests in the middle of the ocean.

Kien Giang is a destination that many domestic and foreign tourists love. Traveling to the West to Kien Giang, visitors will have interesting experiences, be immersed in the fresh natural space with wild and majestic islands. This article is the suggestion of beautiful and attractive Kien Giang tourist destinations. Let’s explore together!

1. Pearl Island Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a destination that is no longer strange to travel enthusiasts. Mother Nature has given this place a lot of things, thus creating conditions for Phu Quoc tourism to develop more and more. Not only that, Phu Quoc is also on the list of hot tourist destinations in Asia, contributing to bringing Vietnam closer to international friends.

Kien Giang tourist destination has many beautiful and famous beaches for visitors to freely explore and check in. Don’t forget to prepare comfortable bathing suits so that you can immerse yourself in the cool and clear blue water at the pearl island of Phu Quoc!

In addition, Phu Quoc pearl island has many famous fishing villages such as Ham Ninh fishing village, Rach Vem fishing village, Cua Can fishing village. This place appears with a wild and simple beauty with ships full of fish and shrimp docked and traded right on the beach. You can also become a real farmer when participating in fishing with the locals here.

2. Nam Du Islands

Nam Du appears with pristine beaches, stretching white sand, colorful coral reefs and a school of fanciful colored fish as beautiful as a picture. Coming to Nam Du, you will feel very comfortable when you are free to struggle between the sea, the sky and the sea breeze, and it seems that the fatigue and sadness of life also disappear.

Nam Du lighthouse is the highest point of this archipelago. Standing here, looking far away, you will see the full beauty of Nam Du. The moment of dawn when the sun has just dawned or the sunset gradually falls, tinged with red in the sky where Nam Du lighthouse is located will be a wonderful mark for those who set foot in this sea paradise.

This beautiful tourist destination in Kien Giang is not only beautiful in nature but also has many famous specialties. Just floating with the boat in one morning, you can get yourself a lot of trophies. In addition, seafood such as: green crab, grouper, cobia, blue-bone fish… are very cheap and fresh.

3. Ha Tien

Ha Tien is a famous city located right by the sea. This place has many different types of terrain such as caves, rivers, mountains, swamps, forever, plains, islands… All create an attractive natural picture in this bustling city.

Mui Nai Beach, Bai Bang, Da Dung Mountain, Den Mountain, To Chau Mountain, Thach Dong, Dong Ho Lagoon, Lo Gach Pagoda, Xa Xa Pagoda, Phu Dung Pagoda, Mac Cuu Mausoleum,… are tourist attractions in Ha Tien, Kien Giang that you should not miss.

Kien Giang tourist destination has a diverse culture, is the intersection of 3 ethnic groups: Kinh, Hoa and Khmer. That is why every year there are many special festivals here, attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

Ha Tien Kien Giang cuisine is also a special point that attracts many people, with a rustic taste with unique and attractive dishes such as: Ca Xiu, Giac snails, Bien Mai whistles, and banh cano. Crab rolls, Siamese sticky rice, steamed noodle soup, vermicelli noodles,…. The dishes here are often simply processed to retain the best and most delicious flavors from the ingredients.

4. Pirate Island

Kien Giang Pirate Island, the name associated with the Black Sail Pirates, this group of pirates is famous for its danger and cruelty as well as the treasures that this group of pirates collects. Previously, a group of explorers came here to search for this treasure.

The wild beauty of nature as well as the spontaneity of people’s lives here have created an attractive point for Hai Tac Island. The clear blue beaches, with coconut trees whispering in the wind, fine white sand, warm golden sunshine, are simple but extremely attractive. There are many interesting activities for visitors to experience such as: watching corals, swimming, catching crabs, catching snails around the cliffs, fishing, … All will bring new emotions to visitors. .

5. U Minh Thuong National Park

U Minh Thuong National Park is a great Kien Giang tourist destination for those who love to explore wild and majestic nature. This is considered a rare forest with alum ecosystems recognized by UNESCO.

U Minh Thuong has an extremely rich and diverse plant source with more than 256 species belonging to 85 different families. In particular, Melaleuca trees grow extremely strongly, in addition, there are many other types such as earth orchids, duckweed, ferns… The fauna in U Minh Thuong forest is also very rich with 32 species belonging to 10 species, 7 different genera.

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For those who like to explore the nature of the mountains, this will definitely be a point that you cannot ignore in your Phu Quoc Kien Giang tour. Sitting on a dinghy down the water, walking through the lush green foliage of the mountains will be a memorable experience for you.

Above are the most famous and attractive Kien Giang tourist destinations waiting for visitors. What are you waiting for, go with your friends and relatives to discover all these interesting destinations right away. You certainly won’t regret it!

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